The sting from the summer transfer market keeps getting worse for Manchester United after Sami Khedira claims the Old Trafford club failed in a bid to buy him from Real Madrid. Speaking at press conference for the German national team Khedira spilled the beans: “The club turned down the [$53 million (€40m)] offer and that was it. We didn’t really have the chance to discuss it. I had a longer chat with Carlo Ancelotti a few weeks ago and it was relatively clear to me that I’d stay at Real.” Madrid’s decision to sell fellow countryman Mesut Ozil to Arsenal on a $66 million (€50m) deal was likely a significant reason for rejecting the move. That transfer which Khedira noted was difficult given the pair’s friendship “[was] a loss also from a sporting perspective” as Khedira considered Ozil to be a difference maker.