The Houston Astros emerged triumphant in the 2017 World Series and, while that victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers was intriguing on a number of levels, an off-the-radar person in the sports world weighed in beautifully after the fact. On Thursday afternoon, former Philadelphia 76ers general manager and curator of “The Process” Sam Hinkie hopped on Twitter and declared his “love” for the way the Astros claimed the ultimate in baseball glory. While the Astros were absolutely dominant in 2017 behind a transcendent offense, Houston suffered mightily during its rebuilding phase. The Astros lost 111 games in 2013 after losing 107 games in 2012 and 106 games in 2011 and, well, that aligns perfectly with the message that Hinkie brought to Philadelphia in constructing a dynamic and talented roster based on the accumulation and capitalization of high-end draft assets.