Sam Gagner is not oblivious to the rumours. The Edmonton Oilers centre knows his named is being associated with all types of trades scenarios as the Olympic roster freeze approaches. “It’s something where you try and block it out,” Gagner said. “I think it’s an easier thing to do the further you are from the trade deadline, but as it creeps up, it’s sometimes hard. I think it’s important just to focus on your game. I have some things that I need to continue to get better at, and that’s something that I’m trying to focus on right now, trying to help this team win games, and hopefully, I can do that heading towards the stretch here.” Gagner, 24, has been part of all the misery the Oilers have endured these past seven years. He’s been through five coaching changes and has never played a playoff game. This summer, Gagner signed a three-year, $14.4-million extension, which makes him a $4.8-million cap hit. “I’ve had trade rumours before in my career, but this feels a little different,” Gagner said. “I’m trying not to think about it and just play hockey. We’re going through a stretch here right now where we all have to get better as a group and that’s what we’re going to focus on.” Gagner has a no-movement clause in the second year of his contract. If he’s going to be traded it’ll likely happen before the end of this season. “Yeah, if it’s going to happen, it’ll be this year,” he said. “But I think it’s something that I have to do my best to not focus on and just focus on playing hockey.”