Sam Darnold will not cause any kind of quarterback controversy if he is drafted by the New York Giants. In fact, Darnold would relish the opportunity to learn from and play behind Eli Manning should the opportunity arise. “I was at the Manning Passing Academy, it was a great opportunity for me to get better, and I learned a lot from Eli [Manning],” Darnold told the New York Post. “He’s a great guy, great personality, him and Peyton both. “It would be amazing. If I do get drafted by New York and [Manning] was there, it’d be an amazing opportunity to get better.” Reports leaked earlier during the draft process suggesting that Darnold could have returned to USC to avoid being drafted by the Cleveland Browns at No. 1, but he has not confirmed those reports. Darnold took no shots at the Browns when speaking to The Post and instead focused on how amazing it would be to become a part of the Giants franchise. “No, it wouldn’t scare me,” Darnold said of playing under the scrutiny of the New York media. “I dealt with a lot at USC. The market’s pretty big at USC, but I’m sure it’s not as big as New York. I learned a lot at USC being a communications major.” Earlier this season, Giants offensive tackle Chad Wheeler, who protected Darnold's blindside in 2016, offered a scouting report on the quarterback prospect. Wheeler provided James Kratch a scouting report for projected top 2018 NFL Draft quarterback prospect Sam Darnold out of USC. "He's a great quarterback to block for," Wheeler said, via NJ Advanced Media. "He has so many weapons. His legs, his arm. He'll help you out, miss some tackles and stuff. It was great to play with him. He's a leader who always instills confidence in his teammates." Wheeler also spoke to the post and gave a more detailed scouting report, the best memory of playing with Darnold, and more. “I can’t foresee the future, but if he’s blessed enough to get picked by the New York Giants, I’ll be like ecstatic,’’ Wheeler said, via The Post. “It would be awesome. He has great mentors here, great coaches. It’s great to get as many Trojans as possible.’’