First things first. As pre-conceived notions would have it, you’ve already formed a strong opinion on the quarterback situation in St. Louis. Fair enough. You either belong to the "it’s a make-or-break year for Sam" camp, or the "You can’t question his ability until you surround him with NFL caliber talent." To each his own. As long as you’re not sporting a tattoo of your significant other in a Bradford jersey, your stance on Bradford has it’s merits. As for 2012…by all accounts, you’ve got to be encouraged by the direction that the Rams are headed, and the direction that Sam Bradford is leading them. Any NFL fan - regardless of whether you’re an avid Rams fan or not - knows that the Rams have been deficient at two key positions on offense: Wide Receiver and Offensive Line. You look at the win column for the Rams over the past six years, and you can directly correlate the results to the absence of the aforementioned offensive contributors. Give Sam credit. He hasn’t made something out of nothing, but it’s about as close as you can get.