Tampa Bay Rays players arrived at the clubhouse before Tuesday’s game against Boston and found Aramis Gutierrez and Sol Caribe playing salsa music and 27 plantains hanging from the ceiling near the lockers of RHPs Fernando Rodney, Joel Peralta, Juan Carlos Oviedo and Roberto Hernandez. “I wanted one Dominican trumpet player, but we got the entire band, because nothing can be hotter than a Dominican trumpet player on the right evening,” manager Joe Maddon said. Maddon said the band and the plantains were a tip of his cap to the Latino players on the team. “It’s just one of those things that we do here in Tampa,” Price said. “You probably don’t see it a whole lot of other places, not at a time like right now, not during the season. But we’ve had that type of thing happen a couple times, and we all enjoy it. It just lightens the mood, and we all appreciate it.” A DJ on the last homestand, a merengue band on this one? Price was asked what type of music he’s like to see next. “The Spice Girls,” he said.