Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy likes what he has seen from first-round draft pick Stanley Johnson. He's glad he used the eighth pick to select Johnson over a host of other talented players. That said, Van Gundy insists that Johnson must earn his minutes, no matter how well he's played in the Orlando Summer League this week. In Van Gundy's world, minutes are earned, not given, and Johnson must begin to earn those minutes when training camp begins in the fall. "I think it's important that they (young players) play when they deserve to play," Van Gundy said. "And not just, 'We're going to play our guy.' I know some people believe in that. I don't." Van Gundy is an old-school guy. He doesn't care how high Johnson was drafted. He doesn't care how well he's played. And it doesn't matter that Johnson said he plans to start this season – or at least that is his goal. Van Gundy is looking for long-term success for the franchise. "I think it inhibits a guy's development when he's simply handed minutes and doesn't have to do anything to earn them and thus there is no reason to work hard or change the way you play," Van Gundy said.