Drew Brees says he doesn't plan on testing the free-agent market this year or waiting until the start of the new league year on March 14 to sign a new contract with the New Orleans Saints, even if that means losing the leverage that might come with other potential suitors. "I'm not in the mood to make anything secretive," Brees said with a laugh when asked about being chased down by the media for months with questions about his contract. "It's the same way I felt two days ago. It's the same way I felt 12 years ago. That is that I'll be here as long as they'll have me, hopefully." Brees and Saints coach Sean Payton both stressed, however, that two days into the offseason is too early to talk about any contract decisions. So Brees said he knows that a "process" has to take place at some point in between the Saints' staff coaching in the Pro Bowl and the end-of-season meetings with coaches and scouts and the NFL scouting combine. "We're just two days removed, so I really haven't given it a ton of thought -- other than, I know where my mindset's been the whole time, and that's that I'll be here," said Brees, who turned 39 on Monday. Though there might not be any drama surrounding where Brees winds up, it will be interesting to see what his next deal looks like. Chances are it will be another short-term deal, since the Saints have made it clear they prefer to take things one year at a time. The last time the two sides negotiated, they wound up agreeing to a one-year extension in September 2016 that lasted through the end of the 2017 season. Last year, they never talked seriously about a further extension.