Expectations remain as high as ever for the New Orleans Saints heading into the 2020 NFL season. Even tight end Jared Cook is doing what he can to ensure that the mistakes that were made last year do no come back to haunt them.

Cook enjoyed a stellar debut year in New Orleans last season. According to Katherine Terrell of The Athletic, he admits there are still plays that linger on his mind:

“There are still some plays on the film that haunt me and, of course, we’re still going back over those plays and running through them, but they’re still plays that haunt me that I still wish I could have back,” Cook said. “So it’s still, you know, learning from those, talking through them, getting the report, getting on the same page. Because it’s a lot different when you’re going through a season — you’re on to the next week; you don’t have a lot of time to just sit there and reflect. But now we have that time. So we’re doing that. And, you know, hopefully this season will be a lot different, being that me and Drew (Brees) do have a full season together and more time. So it’s just working through those things and continuing to get better.”