If the New Orleans Saints don’t turn the ball over Sunday against the Detroit Lions, they will become the first team in NFL history with no turnovers in the first five games of a season, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. And I already know what you’re thinking: “Don’t jinx it!” But this isn’t like staying away from a pitcher during a no-hitter. In fact, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said it’s quite the opposite when it comes to preaching ball security. They talk about it all the time. “Listen, it’s a big emphasis,” Brees said. “We talk about it every game. It’s the No. 1 key to victory every time we go into a game -- if you can take care of the football and end up on the plus side of the turnover ratio, you give yourself a much better chance to win. “You still dial up the plays and play aggressive, you still take shots when you can. But also I think it’s just understanding when it’s OK to take a chance and then maybe when it’s OK to just make sure the ball stays in your hands. You can’t paralyze yourself, but I think it’s just smart football.” The Saints (2-2) would seem to be one of the most unlikely teams to make this kind of history since they have such an aggressive offense, rather than a team that wins through ball control and defense.