It’s been a strange week for New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton. He started the week preparing for two quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts. Now he finds himself trying to figure out an explosive rookie with not much NFL tape. It’s a “unique” situation, to say the least.

Payton addressed the task of facing Hurts and the new-look Philadelphia Eagles’ offense and, rather expectedly, kept it close to the vest. He did reveal the possibility of seeing more designed runs and the importance of keeping “eyes” on Hurts at all times. Not just zone-read plays, either.

“But there is an element of the run game that will be important for us this week if we’re getting some design quarterback runs,” Payton told reporters on Wednesday. “So yeah, I mean, they’re different. And yet, we have to defend the defense that we see and then have good eyes and be smart enough to see what’s new that maybe we hadn’t seen.”

It’s a bit ironic considering all the comparisons between Hurts and Taysom Hill coming out of the NFL draft. Hill is expected to start his fourth consecutive games this week in relief of an injured Drew Brees. When the Eagles first selected Hurts, the thought process was that Doug Pederson was going to use him as Payton does Hill — and maybe even more as one report alluded to “Taysom Hill on steroids.”