It is practically hours before the end of the summer market and Saul will play this season at Atletico Madrid. MD has confirmed that the last option he has had on the table to leave for Chelsea has vanished. In this way his departure is practically ruled out unless of a last-minute offer that they do not expect either in the club or in the player's environment.

The last contacts with Chelsea did not end up seducing a Saul that if he left the club it had to be for a proposal that conquered him. Something that has not happened in the conversations they have had with the blue group. And it is that his exit was not easy. "Where is he going to be better than at Atleti?" they confess to us from their environment. Without a doubt, this question has been the main obstacle to leaving the club.

All this, after a summer in which Jurgen Klopp asked Liverpool to make an effort to sign him as a substitute for Wijnaldun. But Barcelona's option of bartering for Griezmann,and that the Reds did not increase their offer, derailed that operation. A few days later the exchange for the Frenchman would also go to ruin after Joan Laporta changed some terms in the negotiation.