Can you play out the string when you’re up against your historic rival? Looked that way Tuesday the Dodgers and San Francisco Giants hooking up in the final week of the season and not appearing all that inspired. The Dodgers still with home-field advantage to pursue for the postseason at least have a little something to play for and they ultimately looked a tad more interested in coming out with the 2-1 victory over the Giants at AT&T Park. The Dodgers have five regular-season games remaining. The night turned into a home run contest the Dodgers getting one each from Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp and the Giants getting one from former Dodger Tony Abreu. Hyun-Jin Ryu pitched seven easy innings bolstering his rookie-of-the-year credentials by improving his record to 14-7 and lowering his earned-run average to 2.97. Ryu gave up four hits and one walk and struck out seven. Abreu’s home run was the only extra-base hit Ryu gave up. Ryu may have been throwing the gauntlet down to Ricky Nolasco in their unspoken battle to be the No. 3 starter in the playoffs. Nolasco is scheduled to start Wednesday. But Ryu had to be on his game on this night because Matt Cain matched him save for that second home run. Puig hit his 436 feet to center field in the fifth inning to put the Dodgers ahead 1-0 but Abreu tied it up in the bottom of the inning with his home run. So Kemp mired in a two-for-17 slump gave the Dodgers back the lead with a 443-foot shot in the fifth inning. With Andre Ethier still not back from his ankle injury the Dodgers need Kemp to return to form for the playoffs.