An MRI on Ryan Zimmerman's right shoulder revealed no structural damage, just inflammation, Nationals manager Matt Williams said on Sunday. The Nats' third baseman will now rest on the team's off-day and be reevaluated Tuesday. Zimmerman actually pinch-hit for the Nationals in the eighth inning of Sunday's 2-1 win over the Braves, despite taking the day off due to shoulder pain. Manager Matt Williams put Zimmerman in the game because the shoulder does not act up when he swings. "Swinging is fine. The issue he's got is probably throwing overload. He throws a lot and he works at it really hard so it may be a little overload at this point," Williams said. Williams and the Nationals will now look at ways to adjust Zimmerman's throwing workload. That could mean limiting his practice before games. "We look at it and say 'it's a little bit of overload.' So we have to curtail that just a touch to make sure he feels good. What does that involve? Maybe it doesn't involve as many throws. Maybe it's cutting down the amount of grounders he takes in pregame. I know that he likes to go down, especially when it's cold, to the cage and throw. Maybe it's an adjustment to that, too." The Nationals have revealed plans to try Zimmerman out at first base this season at some point. It could be a good solution for him long-term given he would remain in the lineup without having to throw across the diamond. For now, however, Williams doesn't see that as imminent. "I think we'll do what we have to do, but I envision him playing third base. That's the plan, but of course you have to look at things and adjust if need be. As of right now, as soon as he feels good he'll be back at third."