The Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, amplified in advance of the 2014 NFL Combine thanks to the release of the Ted Wells report, remains very much in the news. Unless you're Ryan Tannehill. Despite most of the NFL-watching world waiting to see what punishments and personnel moves will come as a result, Tannehill's more interested, via the Associated Press, in trying to "move forward." "I didn't read it. I saw a few pages of it and got overwhelmed by a 140 or whatever pages and skipped it. I'm just glad it's out," Tannehill said. "I'm glad it's out. The evaluations, the summaries have been made, the points have been taken and now we can move forward. There's no more hanging on, looking forward to it coming out, anxious about it coming out. It's out now, we've had the consequences, the repercussions and now we can put it in the past and move forward." Tannehill added that the report is "behind us," which is probably something that needs a pretty hard sell for anyone to believe. "I think it's behind us at this point," Tannehill said. "Obviously we'll try to learn from it and correct things Coach Philbin and the coaching staff feel need to be changed. We want to have a healthy locker room."