Some of the best words a young pro trying to establish himself as a NHL regular can hear are “you can move out of the team hotel.” Defenceman Ryan Stanton got that message on the Vancouver Canucks’ recent seven-game road trip and with the help of his mom found some new more permanent digs in the Yaletown area. He slept -- like a baby, he said -- in his own bed for the first time after Monday night’s 3-2 win over the Washington Capitals. “My mom got in Saturday and helped me find a place,” Stanton said after Tuesday’s Canucks’ practice at UBC. “It’s nice to have a place and be settled in and not living in a hotel.”
 He may, on occasion, miss room service, but the hotel life was getting old for Stanton. “It’s funny, I was talking to my mom and telling her I have been in a hotel for probably four of the last six months of my life because after the season last year I got called up by Chicago and was in a hotel for about two months there. Then I then went home for the summer for two months and I have been in hotels since the beginning of September starting in Chicago and then here.” Stanton, who was picked up on waivers from the Chicago Blackhawks just before the start of the regular season, has been one of the nice surprises this season for the 9-4-1 Canucks. He has taken the vacant No. 6 spot on defence and run with it, while forming an effective partnership with veteran Kevin Bieksa. Stanton has played in all 14 games this season, averaging better than 14 minutes a night. He’s been solid in his own end and has also chipped in offensively, with a goal and four assists. Bieksa had no idea who Stanton was when the Canucks claimed him, but has been mightily impressed with the 24-year-old’s poise. “I didn’t know anything about him,” Bieksa said, then joking: “I didn’t know his first name until today. I was just calling him Stants. “But he has been awesome for us and I have gotten to see it first-hand playing with him. He is a very easy guy to play with, he takes care of his responsibilities, he has been physical, he moves the puck well and he has been a great teammate, too. He has been a real pleasant surprise.” Having lived what Stanton is going through when he broke into the league, Bieksa has been trying to mentor his new defensive partner. “I usually like to talk to him before games, kind of give him a little prep on maybe a couple key guys or guys who have tendencies on the other team. But he has such an even-keel personality I don’t really want to mess with him too much because it seems like he has such a good calm demeanor before games. He is not rattled, he’s not too excited, so I don’t really mess with him much. It seems like he’s got it figured out and it’s working for him.”