As it turns out, there’s an interesting back story to the Jets’ newest quarterback, Michael Vick, finally deciding on No. 1 as his jersey number. Vick had worn No. 7 for his entire career, but that number wasn’t available when the Jets signed him this offseason, because it belongs to Geno Smith, who was the Jets’ starting quarterback last season. Vick initially decided on No. 8, but then announced last week that he would wear No. 1. Of course, that jersey was already taken, by the Jets’ punter, Ryan Quigley. Traditionally, when a player new to a team wants a jersey that’s already in use, he pays the player who has that jersey. That reportedly happened with the Jets earlier this offseason, as wide receiver Eric Decker bought No. 87 from tight end Jeff Cumberland for $25,000. In the case of Quigley and Vick, money was involved, but not a typical exchange. On Saturday,’s Dom Cosentino caught up with Vick at an event in Philadelphia, where Vick said Smith was the Jets’ starting quarterback, though those words almost certainly won’t keep the Jets from playing Vick if Smith struggles mightily this season. Cosentino also asked Vick why he picked No. 1, and Vick replied, “It's all about swag. It's all about how you feel. I just felt like I picked No. 8 for various reasons, but I wanted to wear No. 1 for various reasons as well. You always want to be No. 1." But there was more to Vick’s new number than that. Quigley agreed to give Vick No. 1 under the condition that Vick would pay $10,000 – to a couple charities, according to an email announcement Monday from a public relations company that represents Vick.