What was your reaction to Patrick Roy saying you’ll move from center to left wing: “I’m excited about it. I’m looking at it as a good new challenge for me. I mean I’ll be playing with two great players (Matt Duchene at center and P.A. Parenteau at right wing). I’ve played on the wing before with Canada in the World Championships (skating with Jeff Skinner and Jordan Staal) so I’m not totally unfamiliar with it.” Did it bother you at first hearing about the switch? “No not at all. I figured when they drafted (Nathan) MacKinnon something would have to be done.” What are your initial worries about playing a new position? “I guess just staying on my side and not trying to do too much not going over to P.A.’s side. I’ll need to just get used to it but I think I’ll make the adjustment. What is your feeling of Roy being the new coach? “I mean it’s great. He’s all about winning. I’ve talked with him and I came away feeling really good. He brings so much passion to the game. It can’t help but rub off on you.” You went through a contract impasse with the team last year and missed a bunch of the season. How different is your mindset now as opposed to last year at this time? “Well it’s much more comfortable. This time I know I’ll be at training camp training at altitude early with my teammates. I know I can just concentrate on hockey and nothing else. What happened happened but I’m just glad it’s behind me. I just want to win with the Avalanche. Last year on top of things there was the lockout and that made everything tougher for everybody. It’s nice not to have to worry about that too.”