While details are still foggy at this hour, it appears that Ryan O'Reilly no longer is under contract with his KHL team in Russia. The player and team have "mutually" agreed to terminate his contract. The team Metallurg, issued a release in the wee hours (American time) saying as much. Where it gets a little confusing is the team cites a foot injury that O'Reilly "aggravated" in his last game. There is also an issue about looming KHL transfer deadline protocols that may have played into this. I've got a call into O'Reilly's agent to seek more clarification. But it 3:30 am mountain time as I write this, so getting people on the horn may have to wait a while. Does this mean O'Reilly will sign with the Avs at any moment? But what about this foot injury? How bad is it? I hope to bring you more answers later.