Just 16 games into the season it already feels as if we have seen two very different Dallas Stars teams on the ice. The team that started the season 2-4-1, that at one point had Tom Wandell and Cody Eakin as the top two centers on the ice, is not the same team that will take the ice tonight against Vancouver. The line combinations are completely different. The defensive pairings are vastly different. While the Stars are still without the full compliment of forwards on the top six, there's certainly a better balance on the team than what existed just a month ago when it seemed as if the Stars could contend as the worst hockey team to take the ice since the 1970s. There is also a very interesting dynamic that has been added to the team in recent weeks and it's tough to say it hasn't been effective. Ryan Garbutt and Antoine Roussel, while seemingly interchangeable when the team is actually fully healthy, will be on the ice at the same time for just the fifth time this season.