The Dallas Cowboys all but ensured a division title (barring a huge collapse) with their win over the Washington Football Team yesterday. It was a bit of an adventure, though. What looked like a blowout in the first half turned into a nail-biter in the second as Washington made a fourth-quarter push to overcome a 24-point deficit. They almost did it, too. But some clutch play by the Dallas defense staved off a collapse and the 'Boys head back home with a three-game lead in the NFC East.

In the NFL, wins are wins, but there are also good wins and bad wins. This would qualify as a bad win by the Cowboys. They were winning by three touchdowns and let Washington creep back into the game when they had every opportunity to slam the door shut. Good teams win a game like that despite a few stumbles. Great teams ensure the win was guaranteed far before the final possession.

Because these are the Dallas Cowboys we're talking about, good isn't good enough. That's why we saw Ryan Clark on Get Up this morning, arguing that Dak Prescott's subpar play is holding the team back from legitimate contention.