Sean Avery is no longer in the NHL but is still watching and opining on it, especially his most recent team -- the New York Rangers. The supreme pest of a player tweeted on Saturday that the team has stopped playing for coach John Tortorella and that they don't like him. Avery went so far as to call for Torts to be fired and calling him a clown as the Rangers are mired in one ugly season that has them in a tie for eighth place in the East. Partly because it was Avery and partly because it's the Rangers, Avery's comments made some noise in hockey and the Rangers themselves heard them. So captain Ryan Callahan felt compelled to release the following statement on behalf of all Rangers players: "Sean Avery's comments solely represent his own thoughts and opinions. He did not speak for us as a team when he was here and certainly does not now." What a mess, I tell you what. Former players often criticize what's going on with the franchise that they used to play for, but it's very rare that active players actually acknowledge those comments, at least in public.