Russell Wilson has been added to the NFC Pro Bowl roster and will play in Honolulu this weekend. Wilson gets the chance to head to Hawaii to hang with teammates Russell Okung, Max Unger, Earl Thomas, Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington as a 3rd QB alternate after Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin, and Aaron Rodgers were scratched due to injuries. Look, the Pro Bowl is a joke, I've never watched it, and it will probably be abolished soon, but nonetheless, it's a cool deal for Wilson; generally speaking the rosters are littered with the best players in the NFL, and it becomes a good excuse to go to the tropics and hang out with Wilson's idol in Drew Brees. Maybe take some notes on footwork and how to win the Super Bowl and all that stuff. If I'm Russell, I'm just following Drew around all weekend like a puppy. Anyway, it's always fun to go back and watch some of the ways in which Wilson even put himself in the position to be named a Pro Bowler this year, and one thing that stood out to me from the Atlanta game was Wilson's ability to recognize a blitz and hit his outlet receiver decisively. With rookies (and veterans too, course), an ability to see a blitz and get rid of the football quickly is an impressive (and invaluable) skill. Wilson still holds on to the ball too long at times and instead of throwing the ball away he'll try and make things happen and take a sack at others, but he's also shown glimpses of that Tom Brady/Peyton Manning ability to get the ball to the open man quickly to avoid a rush and beat the blitz.