Mike Glennon was picked ahead of Russell Wilson once before. It was two years ago when Wilson was playing minor-league baseball and Glennon was promoted to North Carolina State's starting quarterback. Glennon is very likely to be chosen earlier than Wilson once again, which speaks to just how little impact Wilson's rookie season, as phenomenal as it was, had on changing the way NFL teams value height in their quarterbacks. Glennon is 6 feet 7, you see, the tallest of the 16 quarterbacks attending the scouting combine this year, while Wilson was the shortest of the 11 quarterbacks selected last year. "This is a big man's game," said Gil Brandt, one of the league's first and foremost draft scouts. "This is a rare, rare, rare exception is what it is. A totally rare exception." Think about that the next time someone calls the NFL a copycat league. Because while teams try to assimilate defensive schemes, offensive formations and even other teams' coaching staffs, teams aren't exactly lining up to try to replicate Seattle's success with a short quarterback.