Russell Westbrook is sick and tired of Skip Bayless calling him out of his name.

Westbrook is a player that has often been criticized during this season for his poor performances for the Los Angeles Lakers. It earned him the nickname of ‘Westbrick,’ and he really does not like it.

Previously, Russell Westbrook made a statement where he said that the “Westbrick” nickname to him is now “shaming”.

“It really hit me the other day. Me and wife were at the teacher-parent conference for my son. And the teacher told me, Noah is so proud of his last name, he writes it everywhere, he tells everyone ‘I’m Westbrook’… I kind of sat there in shock and it hit me. I can’t no longer allow people, for example, Westbrick to me is now shaming, shaming my name and my legacy for my kid. It’s a name that means more to me, my wife, my mom, my dad, the ones that paved the way for me.”