A group of professors in the University of Kentucky’s African American and Africana Studies Program has resurrected the debate over Adolph Rupp in the basketball-crazed Bluegrass State once again. They argue Rupp’s name has come to stand for racial exclusivity and it would be advisable to move away from it. 

This makes sense for a school whose basketball team has been mostly populated by Black athletes for some time now, right? Wrong! It’s utter madness, according to many Big Blue Nation faithful.

The African American and Africana Studies faculty didn’t actually center on Rupp in their cogent 10-point plan to make “an immediate impact on racial equity” at Kentucky that included suggestions on faculty, staff, administrative leadership and joined the growing nationwide call for all undergraduates to take a required course on race and inequality. Dead last on their list was, “The University should rename Rupp Arena” and use “a far more inclusive one.”