During the fourth quarter of the game against the Rockets, the Wizards broke out a new look to get the ball to Bradley Beal. The set looks a bit like their commonly used horns set, but there are a couple differences. Let’s take a look at how the play is set up and how it benefits the Wizards. This play differs from horns in a few ways. First, Beal and one of the bigs change places. Beal sets up at the free throw line, and a big man moves to the corner. The other difference is that the small forward positions himself on the wing instead of the corner; we’ll talk about that a bit. After John Wall makes the entry pass to Beal, the big man at the free throw line sets a ball screen for Beal. A screen at this spot on the floor is particularly difficult to defend because it’s so close to the basket. It’s almost impossible for the defense to treat it like a normal perimeter pick-and-roll because there’s not enough time to wait for Beal’s man to fight through the screen and recover to the ball. Therefore, this screen should usually force a switch.