Michael Vick is ready to play the way that made him famous - and he's not worried about injuries that could come as a result. When asked how he'll withstand teams that decide to hit him like he's a running back when he's running the football Vick said the team has a plan. "That's 220 pounds you're staring at right here soaking wet" Vick joked. Vick was in a jovial mood on Thursday two days after coach Chip Kelly named him the Eagles' starting quarterback. He'll play around two quarters in Saturday's preseason game and then start preparing for the season opener against the Washington Redskins on Sept. 9 when his opponent will be Robert Griffin III another dual-threat quarterback whose offense includes a read-option element. Vick watched the proliferation of such offenses last season with admiration and envy. He saw Griffin Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson in the postseason and wondered what it would be like to play in such a system. He stayed in Philadelphia to have the opportunity to play for Kelly whose offense can feature Vick's mobility. "I'm going to have the opportunity to do what I want to do in this offense and run the football" Vick said. "And yes I will be a threat." Vick spent the offseason preparing for more running. His carries per game fluctuated from 8.3 in 2010 to 5.8 in 2011 to 6.2 in 2012. He's noticeably bigger - he said last month he added four pounds of muscle to withstand more hits. DeSean Jackson said on Tuesday that among the differences in Vick this season is Vick's eating salads in the cafeteria. Vick also trained his legs in preparation to run. He pointed to his spring race against LeSean McCoy when he supposedly beat the Eagles' Pro Bowl running back in a 40-yard dash. Vick also said he does 1000 daily push-ups and sit-ups which is likely hyperbole. But there's no question he reworked his body.