Erik Spoelstra has entered training camp the past two seasons with a mantra of "letting go," that even from NBA championships, you have to move on. Saturday, when training camp opens at AmericanAirlines Arena, the Miami Heat will have no other choice. Because there is no alternative. With LeBron James' free-agency departure to the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 2014-15 Heat can't help but look decidedly different than the past four seasons, when June meant an annual appointment in the NBA Finals. Over those four seasons, preseason questions were limited, because James was there to provide the eventual answers. Lack of an All-Star answer at point guard? LeBron runs the offense and defends opposing playmakers when needed. Lethargic play against lesser opponents? LeBron will turn it up when needed most. Now, problem-solving again will be complex. And not every question can be easily answered. Here are 10 to start with: 1. How does a team recover from losing a player who very much proved to be bigger than the game? A. By accepting it and moving on. For all that James did in his four seasons in South Florida, and he realistically could not have done much more, there is absolutely no need to look back. Instead, institute a fine for any time James' name is mentioned in the locker room, on the practice court, at games or if unsolicited during interviews. It doesn't matter why he left, how he left, only that he left.