Rumours out of Germany. Rumours out of Spain. Rumours out of Italy. Rumours out of everywhere that isn’t England, pretty much, that Thiago Alcantara is all but signed, sealed, and delivered for Liverpool. That’s been the story of the past week.

It’s still a little difficult to make sense of it all, and today’s additions, led by claims from Italy’s TuttoMercato that the Reds have now hashed out terms with the player’s agents and that personal terms for a deal are in place, are really no different.

Thiago is a talent, a gifted midfielder manager Jürgen Klopp has talked in the past of being a fan of. Thiago is a 29-year-old with a spotty injury record who Bayern Munich officials have suggested doesn’t have the engine to play the double-pivot in big games.

Thiago would, if reports are to be believed, be available for around £30M and be willing to take a cut on his current Bayern wages—bringing his weekly down to around £135k—to move to England and join the Premier League champions-elect.

Thiago would, if he joined the Premier League champion-elects, make the average age of the squad older in a year when before coronavirus there had been talk of the need to refresh and get younger if the club wanted to establish a dynasty.