I need a direct line to Rick Hahn so I can ask him if it's OK to close up White Sox Outsider 2013, because Friday's acquisition of Conor Gillaspie forced some late writing and re-writing. Sure, I could have left Lars Anderson in there, except he leads off the player-preview section alphabetically. That would have looked pretty dumb, right? So Anderson's 2013 write-up joins the Zach Stewart preview and Zach Stewart eulogy in Outsider exile. There have been greater casualties in previous years, and even more useless profiles (I had one for Johnny Damon in 2011). But yeah, Gillaspie has an interesting origin story. Like Chris Sale, he was called up to the Giants in the same year he was drafted. Unlike Sale, the Giants didn't have big-league plans for him immediately. They just figured the September call-up was a way of paying him an extra $65,000 without technically going over slot.