Keep an eye on the Los Angeles Kings if and when the Calgary Flames and Jarome Iginla decide to begin divorce proceedings. While it’s been widely (and accurately) reported that Boston and Pittsburgh have interest in the Flames captain should he become available, I believe the Kings would be right there in the mix as well and could be willing to dangle young backup netminder Jonathan Bernier. One would imagine that would interest the Flames since life after Mikka Kiprusoff isn’t far off. But then again, who knows with the Flames? It should surprise no one that the Kings have interest in Iginla. For starters, L.A. inquired about his ability a few years back only to be told he wasn’t going anywhere. More to the heart of the matter though is Kings head coach Darryl Sutter and his relationship with Iginla from their days together in Calgary. I think the Kings would want at least a draft pick to go along with Iginla -- whose contract expires after the season -- in return for a future franchise goalie like Bernier. It’s not clear if Iginla has any interest in moving, his no-trade clause gives him the hammer to decide his future, but you have to think the Kings might be an intriguing fit for him. Another team that I believe has some level of interest in Iginla is Detroit, but the Red Wings have to figure out if they’re actually buyers come April 3 depending on where they are in the standings.