As reported by our friends at the mothersite, Rudy Gay told Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports that he never got a chance to prove what he was worth with the Grizzlies, and that the Grizzlies’ owners are rookies, and blah blah blah. The choice bits: Rudy Gay says the Memphis Grizzlies’ new ownership didn’t give him a shot to prove he was worth a multi-million dollar investment before it traded him in a three-team deal to the Toronto Raptors in January. "You have to give me a chance to see if I’m worth that," Gay told Yahoo! Sports. Umm. You guys, Rudy Gay has amnesia and doesn’t remember playing in the 2012 playoffs when Zach Randolph was less than 100% and he had an opportunity to carry the team on his back through that series. He also doesn’t remember that he still hasn’t made an All Star team. He doesn’t remember all those times the last play of the game was drawn up for him and he turned the ball over, or the nights where he was shooting 4–21 and just kept chucking up midrange J’s and attempting four free throws in 40 minutes.