Royce White will fly. Sometimes. Assuming he decides to play. White, a 6-foot-8 forward the Sixers acquired from the Houston Rockets on Friday night (see story), has a well-documented fear of flying, part of a larger anxiety disorder that derailed his rookie season before it ever started. Selected 16th overall out of Iowa State as one the Rockets' three 2012 first-round draft picks, White did not play a game in the NBA last season when something like a philosophical dispute between the rookie and the Rockets' organization left the two sides at an impasse. After he was drafted, White and the Rockets agreed to an arrangement that would bus him to certain games when it was logistically possible. That said, the real argument over whether or not White would play ended up having little to do with travel. White -- as he explained himself in an interview with Grantland's Chuck Klosterman last January -- wanted a special provision built into his contract that his own personal doctor would have the final say over whether or not he was able to play basketball, as opposed to the Rockets' team doctor. White seemed not to care about the larger ramifications that might have around the league, and merely insisted that his own contract put his doctor in charge -- which, of course, never happened. After initially refusing a D-League assignment, White played off-and-on with Houston's affiliate, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, for the remainder of the season, although he would sit out the team's playoff run, citing the hectic travel schedule as the reason for his absence.