Royals manager Ned Yost sunk into a chair in his office here on Sunday morning and reflected on seven seasons spent with Eric Hosmer. He remarked on the World Series championship, the years of building and the joy of watching a young player grow into a star. He also offered one of his favorite stories of Hosmer. It came nearly three years ago, in 2015, when the Royals were leading the American League Central and their fans were dominating the vote for the All-Star Game. The team was set to have All-Stars starting all over the diamond. But Hosmer and third baseman Mike Moustakas both lost out in the fan voting. Yost, though, could nominate one player to take part in the final vote, in which fans choose among five players for the last spot. Here’s his recollection of what happened next. “It came down to picking Moose or picking Hos for that (final) vote,” Yost said, “and you knew whoever you pick was going to win, right? “Well, Moose’s mom was sick. And I wanted her to see Moose in an All-Star Game. I knew she was sick, and I wanted her to see it. Hos was really mad at me. Hos really got (ticked). But when I explained the situation, he was fine. But I told him: Look, you’re going to play in plenty of All-Star Games. And the next year, of course, he makes the All-Star Game and wins the MVP. So I was really proud for him then. That was a good moment.” Moustakas’ mother, Connie, died during the second half of the season in 2015. The Royals won the World Series that fall.