The Royals, who now seem less inclined to do a rebuild, are looking closely at potential returns for star infielders Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas but appear to have all but given up hope of retaining star center fielder Lorenzo Cain. Kansas City has been thought to be weighing a real rebuilding job considering their long list of star free agents and the expected prices in this year’s market, but at least for now seem more focused on doing what they can to keep some of their core together in a winter in which they have the potential to be decimated by free agency. It has long been known that Hosmer has topped their list of free agents they’d like to bring back, but it appears, too, that they are seriously weighing re-signing Mike Moustakas, as well, if possible. The Royals-owning Glass family seems to have come to the conclusion they team can remain competitive and doesn’t want to disappoint an enthusiastic fan base, that has wildly supported the team during his recent heyday, including pennants in 2014 and ’15, and a World Series title in ’15. Hosmer and Moustakas are former high No. 1 picks who are home-grown stars and have been a big part of their recent successes, and the Royals surprised folks two winters again by being able to retain left fielder Alex Gordon, who was also a home-grown star; they surprised themselves by outbidding both the Cubs and White Sox in that case. They like Cain, as well, but envision a market going well beyond where they’d be willing to go for him, with the Rangers, Mariners, Giants and Dodgers among logical pursuers of the center fielder.