The Royals, as an organization, have always had some curious ideas when it comes to constructing a 25 man roster. Dayton Moore has drawn his share of warranted criticism in this respect, but Allard Baird was known to throw together some odd twenty-fives as well. With the move of Houston to the American League and the subsequent introduction of an inter-league series every day of the season, the Royals will find themselves playing five of their first 14 games in National League parks to start the 2013 season. As a result, how the Opening Day roster is constructed takes on added importance. Can you forego the use of a fifth starter and gain an eighth reliever AND an extra bat off the bench? Is it worth it? The schedule offers Kansas City an opportunity to carry both an extra bat and an extra reliever for most of the month. That is, if the team is willing to vary from a strict five man starting rotation and have favored son Luke Hochevar spend the majority of April in the bullpen. Here is how the schedule shakes out the first part of the season, assuming a rotation of James Shields, Jeremy Guthrie, Ervin Santana, Wade Davis and Hochevar, in that order.