Missing in action: 7-foot-2 NBA All-Star center. Answers to the name Roy Hibbert. Vanished almost entirely towards the end of the regular season, only to reappear briefly Saturday evening, only to vanish once again late Monday. If found, please let Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel know immediately. Where has he gone, exactly? The search has grown into a life of its own in recent weeks, filling column inches and message board forums and talk show airwaves. Offenses have exposed him. Defenses have controlled him. Analysts have blasted him. Teammates have pleaded with him. It is the conundrum that continues to confound. Yes, the What Has Happened to Roy Hibbert? riddle rages on, as baffling as ever, the same queries still unsolved. How has Hibbert, once as formidable a two-way post presence as there was in the league, authored this season's greatest disappearing act? How can a player's production slide so suddenly and so steeply? "That's the million-dollar question," Pacers assistant Popeye Jones said.