In the definition of a game where statistics don’t measure impact Derrick Rose’s teammates tried and failed to convey exactly how much the former league MVP means to the Bulls. Rose’s unique explosiveness is obvious as is his instinctive scoring ability inherent unselfishness and fierce competitiveness. But just his mere presence changes the complexion of a squad that while feisty last season was a plodding offensive bunch that had to almost execute to perfection to manufacture points. Saturday night’s preseason opener was the opposite as the point guard’s affect on the Bulls’ 82-76 victory over the Central Division rival Pacers went far beyond his 13 points and three assists. “You see it. The way that we play we play a faster game. We get [the opposing team] into foul trouble early the runs to the basket open jump shots” All-Star small forward Luol Deng who scored 15 points and snatched eight rebounds explained to “Today was fun. I think last year was a lot different obviously without him so we’re looking forward to this year just him getting back to it and everyone getting used to playing with him again.” Jimmy Butler who scored 11 points and grabbed six boards in his first game alongside Rose in the starting backcourt chimed in: “It’s great for him it’s great for us. He’s our leader. He does so much on the floor besides just scoring. He gets other guys open without even trying. “[Butler’s job is] a lot easier [with Rose] knowing that we’ve got three guys [himself Rose and Deng] who can bring the ball up the floor. We can switch on the defensive end guys that can get to the paint draw fouls kick out make shots. It’s big for us and I feel like when we get into a rhythm and we get used to everybody playing with each other once again we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.” Even Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau had to acknowledge how Rose immediately transformed his team in terms of offensive firepower.