Derrick Rose's return remains unclear, but when head coach Tom Thibodeau was asked Tuesday if there was any chance Rose might be able to play Wednesday night against the San Antonio Spurs, he used an interesting choice of words to describe the ongoing situation with his franchise player. "It's day-to-day," Thibodeau said of Rose's situation. "Day-to-day. So whenever he's ready, he's ready. We just want him to continue to improve, focus on his rehab, and then when he's ready to go we'll all know. Everyone has to remain patient." Everything Thibodeau says and does is with a purpose, and fans will read into the fact that the veteran coach used the term "day-to-day" for the first time in regard to a question about Rose's availability, but I think Thibodeau's last words in that quote should be remembered more than his first. Patience is the key for everyone involved, even Thibodeau. I believe Thibodeau was speaking more about the entire situation regarding Rose's status, not the fact that he may suddenly play Wednesday after being out 10 months. He acknowledged that whenever Rose does decide he is ready to play it will be more than just a conversation between himself and the former MVP.