Sunday brought the latest new bit of information on Derrick Rose’s stalled rehab from ACL surgery 10 months ago. ABC courtside reporter Doris Burke revealed Derrick has been experiencing “burning” in his hamstrings after those 5-on-5 practice sessions at the Berto Center. And, Derrick told Burke he won’t consider returning to game competition until that issue is resolved. My question is, why does this information have to come from a network reporter, and not from the Bulls? Remember, back on February 28th, TNT’s David Aldridge reported Rose was feeling a “pinch” in his knee after making sharp cuts in practice. Meanwhile, the official word from the Bulls’ organization is that Derrick’s rehab is on schedule and he hasn’t experienced any setbacks. So, which is it? Is Derrick almost game ready, or is he struggling with other issues brought on by the full contact practices he’s participated in? Rose and his camp would be best served to let the Bulls handle any information about his rehab, and not rely on national reporters to bring fans up to date on how he’s feeling. Late last week, one report suggested Rose had been medically cleared to return to game action, and now it’s up to him to decide when he’s ready. If Rose is trying to overcome some psychological hurdle, the best place to do that is on the court in actual game competition. But if the issue is physical, everyone involved would benefit from an honest and open sharing of information with the Bulls’ fan base through the media. The Bulls have struggled on the court since the beginning of February. Part of that is because of a tougher schedule packed with road games, and an even bigger reason is a rash of injuries that’s claimed Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich, Rip Hamilton and Taj Gibson for various periods over the last 6 weeks. But, let’s not try to pretend the whole drama over Rose’s delayed return hasn’t had an impact on the Bulls’ recent struggles. It’s only natural that his teammates would suffer a letdown after finding out their leader and former league MVP wouldn’t be coming back as soon as they had hoped.