Paco Rodriguez called his dad at 1 in the morning. Tim Federowicz called it the biggest accomplishment of his career. In a clubhouse full of stars, Rodriguez and Federowicz might have been smiling more than any two players. This week, both made an Opening Day roster for the first time in their careers. Federowicz had the backup catcher's job handed to him three weeks ago, almost by default, when veteran Jesus Flores was re-assigned to the Dodgers' minor-league camp in spring training. It still meant something when his name was on the Dodgers' 25-man roster submitted to Major League Baseball on Sunday. "Being on the 25-man is the biggest accomplishment so far," he said. "It's the first time really feeling like part of the team, instead of being a September call-up." Federowicz's name has fit on the back of a Dodgers jersey before - each of the last two years, when he was one of the many minor leaguers added to the roster when it expanded in September. Each time, the Dodgers could have added more than a dozen players to the team. Making the team out of camp is much harder and means more work. "I don't really have as much time to enjoy it," Federowicz said, noting that he was one of the first players at arrive at the ballpark when he pulled up at 7:45 a.m. on Opening Day. Rodriguez didn't get there as early. As a situational reliever, his role is about as noticeable as, say, the backup catcher's.