Free agent forward Ronnie Brewer arrived in Houston late Monday afternoon to take his physical and then he will sign with the Rockets. Brewer who is heading into his eighth NBA season agreed to a two-year contract. He said he is not concerned with the fact that his Rockets deal is partially guaranteed. "I wasn't worried too much about it" Brewer said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "If I come in and I do what I'm supposed to do all of that goes out the window. "I'm going to come in and play as hard as I possibly can. From the time I step on the court I'm in training camp and hopefully the coaches the players and the fans can take notice of that. Brewer split time last season with the N.Y. Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder. He said he considered re-signing with the Thunder. Brewer said he also considered returning to the Chicago Bulls where he played for two years or rejoining the Utah Jazz where he was drafted in the first round out of Arkansas in 2006. The L.A. Lakers were also on his radar but Brewer thought the Rockets would be the best fit for him. "They play my style" Brewer said. "Dwight Howard is a defender but can get up and down the court. "Same thing with James Harden (Chandler) Parsons and Jeremy Lin. We're going to get up and down the court. You need defenders. I think I fill both of those (areas)." When Brewer signs with the Rockets Houston will have 19 players under contract. He knows roster spots will be at a premium but like playing for a partially-guaranteed contract Brewer said he is ready to compete.