I’ll have more on the Celtics tomorrow, as they take the court in Philly after three days off. But in the meantime, here’s a quick post on Rajon Rondo. With the regular season winding down, and the C’s firmly in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, the constant screaming over whether Boston’s better without Rondo has taken a hiatus. And thank God. But regardless of where you stand, I think the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Rondo’s assist total, assist average and everything assist-related has been over-valued in recent years. Sure, it’s always nice to see your point guard lead the league in dimes, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have an efficient offense. After all, Rondo has led (or was leading) the league in assists in each of the last two years, yet the Celtics still ranked in the NBA’s bottom third in offensive efficiency. That doesn’t add up. By the time Rondo returns next year he’ll have hopefully realized this, and adjust his style accordingly. Even if it’s only slightly. You hope he’ll make an effort to be a little less controlling, and help give the Celtics a more balanced and less predictable offensive attack. But until then, let’s take one more second to marvel at Rondo’s ridiculous (if not all that significant) assist total, and the following piece of information — Despite playing in only 38 games this year, there’s a very, very good chance that Rondo is still going to finish the season as the Celtics team in leader in assists. As of now, Paul Pierce is the only one with a shot of catching him. Paul has 263 on the season, which is 158 short of Rondo’s 420. Even if Pierce played in all 24 of the Celtics remaining games, he’d have to average 6.58 assists a night to pass Rondo. But we already know that he won’t play in all 24. Between strategic rest and random injury, he’ll play in 20 games at most.