Ronaldo and Marco van Basten were very, very different footballers, but there's plenty which connects the two Serie A legends.

They main thing that links the pair is how brief their peaks were due to both being cursed with devastating injuries while they were at the top of their game. Both players have that 'what could have been?' aura - even if the pair were able to achieve remarkable things during their careers.

Both also represent unique time periods in both AC Milan and Inter's respective histories.

So with all of these similarities in mind, we at 90min thought it'd be prudent to ask a very simple question:

'Who was better?'

That's what we're here to hopefully answer with the help of our readers, who can vote for their favourite in a poll running on 90min as part of our Rivals series right now.


1. Technique & elegance

Despite his height - 188cm if you're interested - Marco van Basten was a wonderfully elegant footballer, able to manipulate the ball in a way a man of his stature shouldn't really be able to.

He had astonishing foot work, and could trap the ball with ease no matter how it was played to him.

When we think of Ronaldo we don't really think about his elegance on the ball, rather his ferocity on it - belting past players with his outrageous speed and quick feet.

For that reason, Van Basten just edges this one.

Winner: Van Basten