Question: How would you feel if your rotation stayed the way it is right now? RON WASHINGTON: I would feel good. I think each and every one of them are quality, and the one thing that we do is go play baseball. That's what we would do. It's not like they haven't been through the wars before; they have. We're ready to go. And if I had to go with those guys, I'll feel good. Question: Will there be a level of disappointment for you if you do not re-sign C. J. Wilson and do not add pitching help? RON WASHINGTON: No, I won't be disappointed. Don't get me wrong; you want to do things to get better. But if I leave out of here disappointed, what am I telling my other guys? That's not the way we do things in Texas. We're going to go to war with what we have and we're going to make the best of what we have, and I expect that Jon Daniels and everyone that's out there trying to make deals will do what we need to get done to make us a better team. I'm not disappointed about anything. I'm just trying to enjoy the time right now and wait until after the New Year's to get the juices flowing again.