Alex Smith is officially retired, and the quarterback has something to say about how the Washington Football Team handled his improbable return to the field last season.

In a wide-reaching story from Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop, the veteran quarterback said the Washington coaching staff handled his recovery in a perplexing manner last year. Specifically, he seemed to believe the coaching staff had unfounded concerns about his return to the field.

Alex Smith has complaints about Washington coaching staff

First, he took issue with his placement on the Physically Unable to Perform list despite doctors pronouncing him able to perform. Then, he claimed the coaches made perform a series of grueling workouts with the apparent goal of seeing if they could break him.

Apparently, the Washington team doctor agreed with Smith's assessment:

[The coaches] seemed to be asking, Dr. Robin West says, “What can he withstand?”

“Are you sure you’re clearing him?” the coaches would ask. West would try and explain. The short answer: Yes. The disclaimer: She would assess his leg based on her informed medical opinion. “I got very little support,” she says. “He almost died. He almost lost his leg. Why would he want to?” Reasonable questions. “That’s not your decision,” West told them.

Smith reportedly said he found the coaching staff to be "patronizing," while his father Doug said the team "sabotaged" him for reasons that were unclear to the Smith family. On the coach's worries about his future in football, Smith said "it pissed me off."