When you look at the spectrum of NHL general managers it would be nearly impossible to find two people at more polar opposite ends with how they build their rosters than Jim Rutherford and Ron Hextall.

That is what makes the Penguins decision to hire the latter as Rutherford’s replacement on Tuesday such a fascinating move. It might also give us an idea as to where ownership and management see this team going in the not-too-distant future.

There is also the Brian Burke element at play here as he was hired to head hockey operations, but for now let’s focus our energy on Hextall because he will presumably be the one driving the bus here.

All we can go by at this point is the track record, as well as the approach he put in place in his previous stops with the Flyers as GM and Los Angeles Kings as assistant GM.

It was about drafting. Patience. A long-term outlook that you never deviate from with knee-jerk reactions. That patience and overall approach may have even been his ultimate undoing, as Flyers management cited a thirst for a “bias for action” in his replacement.