Ron Francis lost his general manager title with the Carolina Hurricanes because we’ve all run out of patience in the National Hockey League. Five-year building plans have gone the way of dinosaurs, dodo birds and woolly mammoths. Francis is smart, organized and popular. He’s an executive with vision, and a classy way of doing business. He had the Hurricanes pointed in the right direction. That’s one view of Francis. But what new owner Thomas Dundon sees is a team four points out of a playoff spot, a team that is on the verge of missing the playoffs for the ninth consecutive season. What Dundon also sees is that Francis is in his fourth season on the job, and that the Hurricanes didn’t make any progress this season. His major offseason move — the signing of Scott Darling to be the team’s No. 1 goaltender — has been a failure. He brought in veteran Marcus Kruger in the offseason and then waived him recently. Preseason projections had the Hurricanes rising up this season. Never happened. The expectation was Francis might make a deal or two at the trade deadline in an attempt to qualify for the playoffs. That never happened either. Even some Carolina fans who admire Francis are applauding the new owner’s more aggressive tone. Fans appreciate owners who demand constant improvement.