How much longer will it be before our Dallas Cowboys are relevant again purely because of their merits on the field? Every offseason it looks as if the drought will end and this year is no different. As I thought about this I began to wonder what it’s really going to take before we erase the past drought as a distant memory. Will a playoff berth do it? Nope as we have seen the Cowboys make a few entrances since the 90’s only to be bounced immediately. What about a playoff victory? That won’t do it either seeing as how the one playoff victory we do have in the last fifteen or so years merely serves as a punch line for why Tony Romo doesn’t deserve his new contract. So what will do it? An NFC championship berth or victory? A Super Bowl berth? The more I thought about it the more I tied it to Tony Romo. Much of the Cowboys successes and failures over the past few years have been credited to Tony Romo whether it was well deserved or not. No matter which side you are on it would be ludicrous to label the past seven years as anything other than “The Romo Empire”. I truly believe that Tony Romo’s legacy and the success of the Dallas Cowboys have become directly synonymous.